The test pressing of our Out-of-doors 7" arrived in the mail today. As soon as the record plant gave me a tracking number, I had my eye on that thing. The little guy had quite the road trip—leaving its home in Brooklyn, passing through the Rust Belt with pit stops in Ohio, an overnight stay in Chicago, followed by a couple hours of sleep in Minneapolis before getting trucked to my door. 

But it made it. I can tell you, it's one hell of a surreal moment to hear a song you wrote, then hear it finish, then have to flip it to the next side. Vinyl is fun. Can't wait to share it with the band tonight at rehearsal. And the rest of you on July 19th. You can also hear the songs live tomorrow night at the Driftwood Char Bar in South Minneapolis. 9pm/$5.

Today has been a good day. 

Straight from the record plant in the Empire State. 


Amidst all the band rehearsals and 7" release stuff, I've been booking a small handful of solo shows. Typically the set length is much longer than what we've got prepared as BEAR, so it makes sense that I go at it alone. Anyhow, some exciting news came my way last weekend. On Saturday July 27th, I'll be playing Thirsty Pagan Brewing from 6-9pm. Joining me on stage will be none other than Northern MN folk and blues beast Jim Hall on lead guitar. Jim's the man who inspired me to venture down this Americana music road and I couldn't be more happy to have him beside me, giving my songs the same color his have had for the last 40 years. Is it the end of July yet?

Jim Hall. Photo pulled from the Google.


We only printed 25 of these. Get them while they're gettable, starting this Friday at Driftwood Char Bar.  
(click picture to see what else these hard-working pocket tees can hold)