There's been a lag in posts in the last week or so. I (Mike) have been getting gritty and gross out in Badlands National Park and Black Hills National Forest for the last week on a much-needed escape from the throes of city life. Being out in that nationally-sanctioned collection of trees, it's hard to believe there's no bears whatsoever. Buffalo, sure. Bighorn sheep? Yup. Hell, even mountain goats. But not a single goddamn bear. (long sigh) 

Regardless, BEAR HQ is still officially in the midst of our breathe time. The last two practices we've been focusing on tightening up two songs that we're really excited about. One feels pretty fun, the other pretty dark and creepy. Gonna be so fun to play them back to back.  

Jordan (BEAR's bass banger) is sending out booking emails right and left. We noticed our Bryant Lake Bowl show on November 7th is the end of our calendar and needed to fix that ASAP. We'll update our shows page as those confirmation emails start rolling in.  

Other than that, Jon (BEAR's lead guitar grabber/organ ogre)  and Matt (BEAR's tub thumper/beat brainiac) are working on a set of Goosebumps-inspired songs for our friend Adam's band Goosebumps. G-bumps are playing BEAR's October 26th Halloween blowout at Driftwood Char Bar and it's going to be so goddamn good.

That's it for now. I'll update with some more irrelevant drivel as it comes to me. Stay tuned! 

South Dakotan chainsaw art. 

South Dakotan chainsaw art.