When you decide to fully commit to giving a good chunk of your creative life/thought over to the business of singing songs for people, you start with modest goals. In BEAR's case, the goal's stay modest indefinitely—play the Entry perhaps, maybe open for a MPLS buzz band, play a show in costume w/ Goosebumps. Well, readers of the BEAR rag, we just slashed the latter off BEAR's must-maul list.  


Last night we played one of our soon-to-be-staple 7-song sets, in honor of both R.L. Stine and the best holiday on all of weird planet girth—Hallowe'en. The festivities went down at the Driftwood in South Minneapolis. End Quotes, some of the bestest and gnarliestest dudes we've had the pleasure of playing with, opened the night with some jams that were even more best and gnarly than we remembered. They've got a 7" out with a song on the B-side called "Good Enough" that makes us want to be better people. Word is they're recording, and if the song they played the other night with the line "...but it's not your home anymore..." in it is on there, look the hell out for these guys. Needless to say, we gave them a really big BEAR hug, and we don't hand those things out willy nilly. 

Then we played. Sure, we opened with the new party favorite "Trapp", then followed it up with a goddamn brand-spanking-new rocker "Wolf", then played The Current's favorite song* since anything Polica poops on* ("Camping"), then burned our way through more new ones and relatively new ones. It was a blast, singing songs in Jason Voorhees costumes (Mike), Bob Ross costumes (Jordan), Lucifer costumes (Matt), and inadvertent David Bazan black-on-black garb (Jon). I (Mike) might've even thrown my back out during our last song ("First Time I Saw The Devil"). 

Following our set and finishing out the night was Goosebumps. These spooky assed dudes share two members with BEAR but up the intensity to about 13. Adam spins death metal yarns, each covering the plot line of a different book from the R.L. Stine series. Contact us if you want a physical CD, we've got 'em, because it's like nothing your ears will ever hear. Driftwood wasn't ready for it, Larry the booking guy wasn't happy, but those fearless front-row standers in the crowd got a real taste of literary death noise, front and center. We couldn't possibly think of a better band to help us ring in Halloween a few days early. 

BEAR is taking the week off to have some birthdays and celebrate some other momentous occasions. Then we'll be over at Bryant-Lake Bowl Theater on Thursday, November 7th to open for Deep Dark Woods. We recently found out that the ticket price for this show is way above BEAR's official designated show price, so we apologize in advance for that. Either way, we hope to see a familiar face or nine out there in a couple Thursdays. 

From the couch at BEAR HQ,

*Editor's note: 89.3 The Current has never heard of BEAR & Polica's drummer Ben is our inspiration to be better music players. 

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