Sure, we might live in the urban metropolis of Minneapolis up here in the middle of nowhere Minnesota. But we're BEARs, and the middle of nowhere is where we thrive. Look, we don't want to preach anything but the gospel of the genus Ursus. But a good part of that gospel we choose to talk about is nature, being outside, the wilderness. The land where you can only see trees as far as you look out. Our 7" is called Out-of-doors  for Pete's sake. Not only that, but the hand-lettering on the back cover was a deliberate nod to the journals kept by a true hero in BEAR's eyes, John Muir. 


Over lunch today, while daydreaming about being outside whilst wasting precious time on the infobahn (the irony!!), we stumbled upon this great article and wanted to share it. Some fine words from a fine man indeed. 


Photo credits: the Googles. If you own them and for some reason are on this site, I'll take 'em down.