We don't much take to standing in line to buy TVs or gaming systems. We're BEARs. But we have it on pretty good authority that if you're reading this, you've got a clicking finger, at least a 3G connection, and an interest in our brand of rock and roll. So for today only (basically until I log back in to our Bandcamp site and change the price back to it's normal $7), YOU CAN GET OUR 7" Out-of-doors FOR $3. That's only $3 for a tangible media format that won't be gone forever when your computer crashes because of some bad files you obtained from some dark corners of the infobahn. Or you can download it for free if you're one of those I-only-do-digital millennial types (and this is a big deal too because we've never let people have the digital download because we're slightly Luddite in our BEARish tendencies). 


Ok, why the hell not, we're on a roll. Since we're in a good mood, you can go grab my 2012 solo CD Lonesome for Handsome for $1. ONE GODDAMN DOLLAR. Or download it for free your iPod thing. Hell, take it from BEAR's in-house designer Ryan Bren who is still fancy on the album (see below correspondence for proof that one person likes the CD).

Everyone in BEAR had a hand in or played on it. We also have been known to play a few jams off Lonesome in our live set. So there you have it. We'd better get back to not shopping before all of this sales-y stuff makes us seem like we're in it for something other than the music. 

-Mike and the BEAR affair