We came.
We growled.
We conquered.  

Pre-BLB show photo by BEAR's own  Jon Klocek .

Pre-BLB show photo by BEAR's own Jon Klocek.

Thursday night BEAR played Bryant-Lake Bowl Theater as a continuation of our relentless, physically taxing, creatively satisfying, money-sucking, neverending tour of Minneapolis dive bars. We were happy to open for The Deep Dark Woods, who are touring these United States for the next month or so. They were cool dudes with thick Canadian accents who played a great set and borrowed us a cigarette lighter and all that stuff.

If you were there and somehow have stumbled upon our little corner of the infobahn here, we thank you. At our scale, being the nobody local band opening for a touring band basically puts you in the position where most folks aren't coming out to see you (especially for $10/person on a Thursday night. Yikes!), but rather the headliner. But man, the audience Thursday night were really making us feel at home in our hometown. Fresh faces not afraid to chime in and be a part of the betwixt-song conversation. Someone even whistled after a song. I mean, goddamn, you bought our vinyl records and CDs and posters and grabbed some of our free 1" punk rock buttons. Now your messenger bags are all emblazoned with the genus Ursus. And for that, we thank you. 

We here at BEAR HQ like our fun to be had a certain way. And Thursday night set the bar for how much of it can be had while playing 45 minutes of music for strangers. Thanks if you came out, you're keeping us going. And if you didn't come out, you can give us your excuse at the house show we're playing with Portage on Friday, December 6th in St. Paul. 

-Mike & the BEAR brood