It's with great excitement to say that we're playing a house show this Friday night at the Midway House in St. Paul. Old-fashioned indie rock style—before the jeans got skinny and the phones got Internet-y. Pick a house, get a shitty PA, invite your friends. Boom, you've got a show. None of this hounding yourself out to booking dudes and writing 25 emails. No sir. We're sharing the bill with Portage and I believe one more act, although their name is quickly running away from my memory. Regardless, it's going to be a really fun, noisy time.

Midway House. Friday. 9pm.

It's with equal—if not more—great excitement to say that last night BEAR went into a studio in South Minneapolis to begin work on our first full-length. We've been writing a lot of songs together and it's getting to be the time to sort through 'em and beef 'em up and polish 'em down and record 'em to some digital tape. It'll be a long process but we'll keep you updated along the way. The first two songs—in the off chance you've been to a show, and care, and recognize our songs by songs titles (actually, if this is the case, tell me, because you deserve a BEAR hug that lasts a long while)—we're laying down are "Seasick" and "Trapp." I'm not at liberty to say anything more than that, because we need to leave more to be desired by our friends that are kind enough to read the BEAR Rag on occasion. 

See you Friday,
Mike & the rest of those BEAR boys

Matt & I, tracking guitars and drums. Photo by  Jon . 

Matt & I, tracking guitars and drums. Photo by Jon