LOOKING BACKWARD (to last week)

Last Thursday we played ourselves one hell of a fun, sloppy show at Big V's. The turnout was slim, but those who did come out caught themselves a sporadic, moody set from what appeared to be one of Chants & Seas' final shows. Followed by 40 minutes of us, the BEAR in the room. We started strong with a brand new jam. Then we played an old party favorite. Then some more party favors. Then Cecelia jumped on stage and sang some with us. Then we played some noisy guitar solos while wearing a camo shirt and jorts (for some reason). Then we packed up our instruments and headed for home. Our second show in the history of time was a fun one. But a little too sloppy for my taste. So this week, me and the boys have gotten after it to clean up those loose ends. Just you wait, BEAR cubs, this Friday night, we'll be on our game for our release show!!