It's been a fine couple of days here at BEAR HQ. Friday night's 7" release was a well-attended, well-received affair, with the staff at Honey being wonderful and the opening band Brilliant Beast proving to be some of the nicest folks in town. A big, giant thank you to all who came out and listened and clapped and bought a record or poster. I'm sad no one bought our diorama for the listed $1,000, but maybe someone at Lee's Liquor Lounge on August 30th will take us up on that offer.

Just to keep the good vibes rolling this weekend, THE GODDAMN CURRENT WILL BE PLAYING "CAMPING" ON THE LOCAL SHOW TONIGHT. Set your FM dial to 89.3 and listen from 6–8pm to hear us on the radio. Or stream it on your typingmachine. Holy shit, what a fun weekend. 

Thanks for embracing BEAR in one giant bear hug as we try and get some footing in the Minneapolis music scene. For now, we'll see you at the next show, where we'll have some brand-spanking new jams to play loudly for you. 



Peddlin' our wares at BEAR's  Out-of-doors  release show.

Peddlin' our wares at BEAR's Out-of-doors release show.