WEDNESDAY at KCK: BEAR Biology 101

Fine friends and furry fans,

School is in session at the University of Minnesota, and BEAR's teaching a free, one-session class on 7-song indie rock sets tomorrow night at the Kitty Cat Klub. That's right folks, Matt (B.A., Cinema & Media Culture), Jordan (B.A., Exercise Science), Jon (B.A., Social Justice), and myself (B.A., English Literature) are bringing the BEAR barrage to Dinkytown in honor of the release of City Pages' 2013 College Survival Guide edition (projected spoiler: never going to The Library Bar will be key to your personal well-being well into adulthood). 

Don't miss this one-time collegiate event we're sharing with Brilliant Beast and End Quotes. After our seminar, we'll be hanging out at the merch table to dole out free life advice, as well as our still-fresh Out-of-doors 7" at a special, student-on-a-budget price of $5. That's as much as you'd pay for a Solo cup at a house party, except the 7" guarantees you'll feel better in the morning. 

We're super excited to have been asked to be a part of this free shindig, so come on out. BEAR plays promptly at 9:30.  

 -Likes to have a good time
 -Appreciates the Genus Ursus
 -Understands the importance of supporting local music/arts

See you all tomorrow night!