I don't think we ate enough before the winter came. Which is a horrible oversight as a BEAR. We were sluggish, we were wandering the streets of Minneapolis aimlessly, showing up late for practice—heck, skipping practice. It was about damn time for what we called The First Annual BEAR & Friends Mid-Winter Hibernation Potluck. It went down at my place in Northeast and was filled with an impossible amount of cheese-related dips, sauces, dishes and a fridge so full of beer it'd make a barkeep blush. Not to mention good laughs with some good friends. Before parting ways, we had to have a fellow potluck attendee snap a photo of the BEAR for proof of fun had. Observe:

L to R: Singbear, Drumbear, Bassbear, Leadguitarbear.

L to R: Singbear, Drumbear, Bassbear, Leadguitarbear.

Between bites of baked beans and pickled herring and hearing friend-of-BEAR Eric Golder (of Midway House fame, not to mention hallowed-defunct-Albert-Lea-Scene-band-Green-Sleeves frontman) confuse Duck Dynasty with the 1994 Emilio Estevez romp D2: The Might Ducks, we discussed our plan of attack for our NEXT FOUR SHOWS, all coming up in the next month. Starting with (#1) THIS FRIDAY NIGHT AT THE NOMAD  with Broken Bicycles and Narco States. Goddamn we're excited for this one. So excited, in fact, that we're braving this cottonpickin' Polar Vortex and making our way on all fours over to the practice space to tighten up the set tonight. 

After that we'll have a few days to recover before (#2) PLAYING BRILLIANT BEAST'S RESIDENCY AT CAUSE ON WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 15. We like those guys. We asked them to play our release show. They said yes. They asked us to play Kitty Cat Klub. We said yes. We asked them to play our Halloween blowout at Driftwood. They said no. But they countered with a slot in their residency. To which we countered with a HELL YES and a counter-counter to split a (#4) LIVE ON THE RADIO gig on KFAI on February 12th, right after the BEAR bears (#3) HEAD NORTH TO PLAY TYCOONS IN DULUTH ON SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 8TH.

Holy lord, it's going to be a good 34 days ahead of us. We hope you can bundle up enough to come share the joy of song with your favorite genus Ursus music group. 

To the moon,