Yes, folks, it's true. We haven't been this excited about a show since the one we played last month (it doesn't take much to excite us). But tonight we will partake in one of the greatest of rock and roll pleasures and play the 7th St Entry at First Avenue with our dear friends Portage and our new practice space-mates The Farewell Circuit. We've cooked up a fresh set for anyone who is coming, made some brand new t-shirts designed by Phil Clark (see below), and also had Bobby McGraw design us one hell of a poster (see below-er). We're so jazzed to play in that room it's not even funny. Doors open at 8. We play right at 9. It's $5 to get in, plus all of our wares (vinyl, tees, posters) will be $5 or less because why the hell not the sun is shining and the snow is melting and the songs are about to be playing. See you at The Entry!!!!!